Adding a New Athlete

There are three ways to add a new athlete in the system: one-by-one entry, excel file upload and "Easy-Join" code. All of these are completed on the Manage Players page.

  1. Single Athlete
    • At the top of the page, locate the "Add New User" form
    • Enter Email and First & Last Name
    • Select their Sport & Group designation (if applicable)
    • Click the "Add User" button
    • This will send the athlete a registration email with their login information
  2. Excel File Upload
    • Download the Athlete Upload Template
    • Fill out the Email and First & Last Name for each Athlete (1 per row)
    • Click the Upload Icon at the top of the left sidebar
    • Click "Choose File" or "Browse" and click your roster file
    • Select the desired Sport & Group designation for this file (if applicable)
    • Click "Upload Users" - This will bring up a sample table
    • Match the "Email", "First Name" and "Last Name" columns using the select boxes
    • Click"Finalize Upload" - Each athlete will be sent a registration email with their login information
  3. Easy-Join Code
    • Click the Easy-Join Icon (Keys) Icon on the left sidebar
    • Select the Sport & Group (if applicable) you would like the athletes to be in
    • Select an expiration date for the code
    • Check the box if you would like to receive an email each time an athlete uses this code
    • Click "Create Code" - This generates a unique Code and Password
    • Give the Code and Password to your athletes
    • Athletes will then go to the website and click "Register Using Easy-Join Code"
    • Upon entering the Code and Password, they will be able to create a new account
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  • 23-May-2016