What Data Do We Collect and Why?

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  1. Heart Rate - This is used for the exertion score. The frequency that this is recorded depends on the device. In most cases, device reading rate will increase as your heart rate increases. 
  2. Heart Rate Variability - This is a good indicator of cardiovascular health and also adaptations being made. This will be used in later iterations for your recovery and readiness scores. 
  3. Active Calories (calories burned from detected activity based on your biometrics) - We collect this information to give you a better sense of how to better refuel your body as the day moves along. 
  4. Steps - Steps are a good way for you to account for the activity you’ve done that day. However, not all steps are equal. The intensity that is behind those steps will be a better indicator of excretion and your score will match. 
  5. Sleep - This will help you to see how your sleep may affect your exertion score that day. If you notice you have a low sleep reading and your exertion is higher for a seemingly similar day, your sleep patterns may be contributing to the functions of your body on a regular basis.
  6. Passive Calories (Calories your body will burn in order to maintain its current state) - Passive calories are the calories you’d burn to ensure your body maintains its rested state. This is based on metrics you have provided your wearable during set up such as height, bodyweight, gender and age.

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