Connecting Kinduct with TeamBuildr

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Enabling the Integration

On your Kinduct platform, click the Admin link on the side menu and click Data Management

Click API Integrations, and then click Create Integration

Choose TeamBuildr from the dropdown menu

Here you will need to enter:

    Integration Name: This is used to distinguish between multiple coach enablements. This will be helpful later if you ever need to troubleshoot the integration. We would recommend using TeamBuildr - Coaches Name

    Client ID: This is to be provided to you from your Kinduct CSM.

    Client Secret: This is to be provided to you from your Kinduct CSM.

    Token: This is generated from your TeamBuildr coach account. Here is how you can create your token: 

    • Click your profile picture at the top right and click Settings
    • On the Settings page, you will see an Integrations tab on the left menu bar
    • On the Integrations page, you will see Kinduct under the Data Management header
    • Click the blue Connect button at the right to generate your token

    Reporting Examples/Metric Glossary

    Marrying TeamBuildr data with additional data sources you are collecting in Kinduct can provide you with powerful insight into objective athlete progress in the gym to subject data collection, internal load measures, body composition, or game performance.  

    TeamBuildr is able to provide data on a set, exercise, and workout level which allows you to longitudinally analyze trends in load, max weight lifted, speed, power, and more on a athlete by athlete or team basis.

    Below is a list of available metrics via API.

    Metrics available per Exercise Set (ex. Bench Press Set 1, Set 2, Set 3):

    • Repetitions
    • Weight Lifted
    • Peak Speed
    • Peak Power
    • Total Load

    Metrics for the Exercise Total segment (ex. Bench Press Total):

    • Total Load: This will be a sum of the Total Load metrics from the exercise-set segments.
    • Repetitions: This will be a sum of all Repetitions from the exercise-set segments.
    • Max Weight Lifted: This will be the maximum weight of all Weights Lifted in the exercise-set segments.
    • Max Load: This is the maximum of the Total Load metrics from the exercise-set segments.

    Metrics for the Session/Workout segment:

    • Total Load: Sum of the Total Load metrics for each of the Exercise Total segments. 

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