GymAware Integration Guide

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Part 1 - Setting up the connection

Part 2 - Completing and syncing workouts

To connect an GymAware account to TeamBuildr, a coach will need to input the following information on the Integrations tab of the Settings page:

  • Account ID
  • Token

💡 The above information will be need to provided by GymAware.

Once the GymAware account is connected, we will automatically import the GymAware exercise library into the “Imported Exercise Database”. The coach will need to go into the Exercise database to either Move or Merge the imported exercises into the Master Database if they want to set them up for tracking.

How Athletes Are Matched

Each time a sync is run, we check to see if there are any athletes in the account that we do not have a GymAware ID for. We then search for those athletes in GymAware by first name and last name (GymAware does not supply email addresses).

Integration Details & Benefits:

  • Videos explaining connection and integration found here.
  • Flex (a GymAware product) now works with the GymAware teams app which means that TeamBuildr does successfully integrate with GymAware's FLEX product.
  • TeamBuildr pulls in Weight, Reps, Peak & Mean Power and Peak & Mean Velocity and then does 1 of 2 things:
    1. Find the exercise (ex. Back Squat) programmed on the athlete's calendar already and automatically fill out the data for the user with the VBT data as well
    2. If no pre-programmed exercise is found for the athlete on the completed date, we create an assignment on their calendar and then complete it with the data received from GymAware
  • Once the data is in, it will appear in the Workout Results report as well as the "Raw Data Report" at the moment.
  • Right now we do sync GymAware data into the "TeamBuildr Lift Session" form on Smartabase, but it is limited to "Speed" (Peak Velocity), and "Power Left" (Peak Power Full Body or Left Hand Side) and "Power Right" (Peak Power Right Hand Side). That was based on a few initial clients years ago wanting that specific data so we would probably want to alter that form to include more of the VBT metrics if we are wanting to use it that way.

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