Online Payment Portal Overview

Updated by Hewitt Tomlin

Our Online Payment Portal is built on Stripe which is the simplest and most powerful way to accept payments online. Stripe is free and only charges 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.

For example, if you collect $100 in transactions, Stripe will deduct $2.90 + $.30 = $3.20 in credit card processing fees.

There is no TeamBuildr fee for any sales made on the Payments Portal.

How does Stripe work with TeamBuildr?

With Stripe, you can start accepting credit and debit card payments almost instantly. You will have to create a new Stripe account within our platform or you can connect an existing Stripe account.

Is Stripe secure?

Stripe meets and exceeds the most stringent industry standards for security. They are also audited by a PCI-certified auditor and are certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1 (this is the highest level of certification available).

When do I get paid?

Once a customer pays through our Payments Portal, you should see the amount clear via your Stripe account and into your bank account within 7-days. However, US-based payments typically arrive within 2-days.

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