Vitruve Integration Guide

Updated by Hewitt Tomlin

Vitruve U.S. Contact: Luke Martin - 937-260-3549 -

  • To demo Vitruve device and software, Luke Martin will be point of contact for that.
  • TeamBuildr will give 30 day demo on Platinum Pro, if you are currently a TeamBuildr customer.

Vitruve Pricing for TeamBuildr Customers

  • TeamBuildr customer must purchase Platinum Pro ($2,400 per year).
  • Vitruve Teams Software and encoder is variable based on # of units, users, etc. You will need to directly contact unit for custom quote.

Integration Details & Benefits:

  • Users are matched on First Name and Last Name
  • Automatic completion (with weights and reps) of assigned workouts
  • Automatic creation of workouts if not already assigned
  • Velocity based 1rms (if enabled - by default)
  • The following metrics imported for each set:
    • Peak/Mean Force
    • Peak/Mean Power
    • Peak/Mean Velocity
    • Best Rep Mean Velocity - the highest velocity recorded of all the reps within a set
    • Velocity Loss % - this compares the Best Mean Velocity of a Set to the Worst Mean Velocity of a Set
      • This can be used to monitor fatigue of an athlete throughout a session
    • Avg. Range of Motion - the average range of motion captured (in meters) of the reps for a given movement
      • This can be used to determine if an athlete is getting full depth/extension and not cheating on reps

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