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⚠️ = Data can be received from device, but with limitations (described below)

Connecting Your Garmin Device to Apple Health

Whichever Garmin device you use, you must download the Garmin Connect app. You can connect Garmin Connect app to Apple Health with these steps:

  1. Open Garmin Connect app, tap More bottom right and go to General settings.
  2. Tap the Apple Health toggle to enable the connection.
  3. Select which categories to sync to Health app or tap Turn All Categories On.
  4. Tap Allow from top right to finish the connection.

If you enable sharing, Apple Health can receive the following data from Garmin Connect:

  • Active Energy
  • Heart Rate
  • Resting Energy
  • Sleep Analysis
  • Steps

How Is Data Transferred From Garmin Connect to Apple Health?

Once Garmin Connect sharing is enabled in Apple Health, data will begin syncing to the Apple Health app after each successful device sync with the Garmin Connect app. Data will only be sent to Apple Health while the Garmin Connect app is open in the foreground. If the app is closed or sent to the background, the transfer of data to Apple Health will not complete until a successful sync of the device while the Garmin Connect app is open.

I Have Enabled Data from Garmin Connect to Be Shared but It Is Not Appearing in the Apple Health App

Apple Health can allow multiple sources to update your health data. When multiple sources are available, only one data source will be chosen based on the priority order listed in the Apple Health app. If you notice that your Garmin Connect data is not appearing in Apple Health but you have enabled sharing, you may need to update the priority of data sources so that Garmin Connect is first priority. For instructions refer to this Apple Support article: Prioritize data sources in Apple Health.

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