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Calories (BMR)











⚠️ = Data can be received from device, but with limitations (described below)

How to Connect Whoop to Apple Health

What Data is Exported to TeamBuildr?

Whoop's Apple Health integration sends data from Whoop to Apple Health which then populates in TeamBuildr.

Exported from WHOOP to Apple Health

  • Active Energy (only if Activities/Workouts are being logged in Whoop)
  • Heart Rate
  • Sleep
  • Resting Heart Rate


I don’t see my HRV in Apple Health. Why is that? Apple Health tracks HRV using SDNN, while WHOOP calculates HRV using RMSSD. While the values may trend similarly, the absolute numbers are inherently different.

Why am I not seeing Heart Rate data being exported from WHOOP? WHOOP exports Heart Rate data to Apple Health for activities; HR data from throughout the day is not exportable to Apple Health. Thus, if an activity was not recorded on WHOOP, the corresponding Heart Rate data would not be available within Apple Health.

Will Apple Health import my Active Calories from WHOOP? Apple Health will import Active Calories logged from Activity/Workouts in WHOOP, but uses a prioritization system noted above to determine which data to use/surface. You will need to "prioritize" Active Calories from WHOOP in Apple Health, which you can learn to do here:

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