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Connecting Vmaxpro Account

To connect an Vmaxpro account to TeamBuildr, a coach will need to input the following information on the Integrations tab of the Settings page:

  • Email Address
  • Password

💡 This will need to be an administrator account

Once the Vmaxpro account is connected, we will automatically import the Vmaxpro exercise library into the “Imported Exercise Database” with “[Vmaxpro]” added to the end of the workout name. The coach will need to go into the Exercise database to either Move or Merge the imported exercises into the Master Database if they want to set them up for tracking.

How Athletes Are Matched

Each time a sync is run, we search for athletes in TeamBuildr using the email address associated with the athlete in Vmaxpro.

<aside> ⚠️ Note: email address is not a required field for a Vmaxpro athlete, so the admin will need to make sure those are entered in order for the integration to work


Integration Details & Benefits:

  • Once workout data is found for an exercise, 1 of 2 things will happen:
    • TeamBuildr pulls in:
      • Weight
      • Reps
      • Peak & Mean Power
      • Peak & Mean Velocity
      • Highest Mean Velocity
      • Lowest Mean Velocity
      • Time in Eccentric
    1. Find the exercise (ex. Back Squat) programmed on the athlete's calendar already and automatically fill out the data for the user with the VBT data as well
    2. If no pre-programmed exercise is found for the athlete on the completed date, we create an assignment on their calendar and then complete it with the data received from Vmaxpro
  • Once the data is in, it will appear in the Workout Results report as well as the "Raw Data Report" at the moment.
  • Syncs will occur every 2 minutes

Support Notes

  • Vmaxpro devices seem to have an issue with “ghost reps” in our testing. This means that sometimes an extra rep with non-applicable data will be tacked on to a set. We are getting this data directly from Vmaxpro, so unfortunately this is something on their end.

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