When to Contact TeamBuildr vs. “DIY” in Stripe

Updated by Hewitt Tomlin

There will be scenarios where TeamBuildr Support will need to assist:

Users with Stripe Express accounts:

Inside your  TeamBuildr you can access the Payments Portal and mange your paying subscribers from the Payments Portal

Payment Tab > Subscribers > Choose subscriber 

  • “Manage User” directs you to this user in the Manage Users list located under Coach Tools in your TeamBuildr account
  • “Update” under Payment Information will allow you to update the payment method for this user.  Note, users can only subscribe using a debit or credit card.
  • “View all Charges” will display the users payment history leading up to the current date
    • You can click on each individual payment to display the options to “view receipt” or “refund”
      • View receipt: provides you a detailed image of the users payment receipt which you can forward to them directly
      • Refund: provides you the option for a full or partial refund of the payment that you’ve selected.  A refund initiated through the payments portal can take up to 10 business days to hit back into the user’s bank account
  • Cancel 
    • You have the option to cancel a user immediately or at the end of their current billing cycle.  
    • If you cancel them immediately, you have the option to refund them of their lost time on the subscription
    • You have the option to choose when to remove this user from their calendar in TeamBuildr.
    • Note, canceling a user from the Payments Portal does not remove the user from the Manage Users list under Coach Tools.  However, it will assign them from their current calendar assignment.

IF you have attempted everything above and still cannot complete your necessary functions, please contact support@teambuildr.com

If you are here, please make sure you have read everything above this and can confirm that all necessary action has been attempted on your end.

Side note, I have found it very effective to contact Stripe directly (last possible option) by clicking 

Help > Share Feedback > Stripe Support > Contact us pop-up > Select Topic > Have us call you

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