How Can I Ensure That I Get Most Accurate Exertion and Recovery Scores?

Updated by Hewitt Tomlin

Note: Our scores can take data from multiple devices and sources in order to create the most accurate, as long as those devices and sources connect to Apple Health.
  1. Make sure you are wearing your device in the right location, with the correct tightness on wrists if it's a watch, ensure your device reader is clean. Many devices will have specific instructions on their wearables.
  2. Wear your device for the whole day if possible. Best readings will come from those that can wear their wearable for an extended period of time (6 - 12 hours of straight use). 
  3. Wear your wearable at night to capture sleep. If you need to charge your wearable at night, we recommend tracking sleep using a 3rd party app that syncs with Apple Health Kit. Below is a list of compatible phone-based apps that track sleep:
  1. Check your score at night once the day is complete. This will ensure you have all things accounted for when your score is shown.

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