How to Sync Your Score

Updated by Hewitt Tomlin

If you wear an Apple Watch, data will sync automatically when you open the TeamBuildr Training app.

If you use another device, you may need to open that device’s app (eg: Garmin Connect, Polar Flow, etc.) in order for that device data to sync to Apple Health before then syncing to the TeamBuildr Training app.

When you sync, you are generating scores and data for your day so far. For example, if you sync at 3pm, your score will be reflective of your day up until that point you opened the app. All information from 12:00am (or whenever you put on your wearable that day) to 3pm will be factored into the score. Therefore, your score is best represented at the end of the day.

How Often Should I Sync My Information?

This is entirely up to you and how you would like to use your device. But to ensure all data is uploaded, aim to sync at least once a day towards the end of the day, such as before bed time, as this will encompass your whole day and activity.

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