Can I Still Use the Wearables Integration Without Having a Wearable?

Updated by Hewitt Tomlin

If you do not have a wearable device, we do not suggest using the integration. Your phone can keep track of sleep, steps, and possibly other metrics, but you would not receive a score without any Heart Rate data. Currently, there is no way to manually input Heart Rate data into the TeamBuildr app. However, we will be consistently supporting and monitoring new ways to bring the user experience to all if they so choose.

We currently support any wearable that integrates with Apple Health Kit or Google Fit. If a device integrates, we may not be able to pull all information from that device. Please refer to our table of compatible devices to better understand what information will be available and if there is a need to work around possible barriers to obtain information. Since there are so many devices available to consumers, there is the chance that the device you have does in-fact sync with our application and you can receive a score and an aggregate of your information into the app. If you have a device not listed and are able to connect, let us know so we can update the list of compatible devices.

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